Friday, April 12, 2024

Yadah Sets to Release New Single titled “#Nailed” this Easter – @its_yadah & @sonshub


Wow. I don’t feel like I’m the one releasing this song. I anticipate #nailed like everyone else. This song came some long time ago… Before #goodiegoodie. I just couldn’t record even after using the hashtag for a while on social media….It was slated for my 2nd song to be released… It still didn’t work, #I_mconfident took over.
Tonight I’m excited, not just because its coming out soon, but because I understand why this song wasn’t recorded and released last year. God has taken me through series of eye opening word sessions on what happened at calvary. Its the gospel… Its the story of Love and death fused together as God wills, its about how forgiver I am. This song is about the generation whose sin isn’t counted against them.It is for those who are the righteousness of God in Christ. This song is about the new covenant… Its for those who have God’s signet.. The holyspirit. I’m excited people!!! Words can’t say it all. Anticipate #nailed.
I am the #voiceofJesustonations

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kehinde amure
kehinde amure
kehinde amure is a professional blogger, graphic designer, and a business strategists. he has been a source of blessing, to the Gospel industry at Large.


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