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New Music – Joshua Bassey & SMI – Premiere Addicted to Praise 1 and Remix


Joshua Bassey Eyo is the president of Sacred Music International,  a sensational and spiritfilled Gospel singer. for more than a decade he has been a source of blessing to people both home and abroad, the addictive minister decided to drop a song that can turn your present situations around, the song was  received and written in 2010. the words must be propagated he says as he dish out something powerful from the kitchen ” anticipate this powerful song ADDICTED TO PRAISE to drop June 20th This song has been proven and assigned to set your day right, swallow up depression, saturates your environments and your heart on fire……a song that can take you to the realm of the spirit.


Addicted to Praise is an energetic and spirit-filled praise song that speaks about the magnificent, immortality, and the invisible nature of God. The song encourages the listener to stick to (have faith in) God and keep trusting Him even in a worse case scenario. God is always on time!
Released as a Single in 2011 by Minster Joshua Bassey Eyo and the Sacred Music International (SMI), this divinely-inspired song has recorded amazing testimonies across the continent especially in the body of Christ.
Indeed, God has blessed many lives through Addicted to Praise and you are next in line.
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Watch Official Video Of Addicted to Praise on YouTube Below
Solo 1
No tribulation that I’m passing through today,
will ever hold me back 
Not to praise the Lord [praise the Lord]
 No temptation that may come my way today, I will count it all joy For they come to make me strong I’ve made (made),up my mind(4×) To follow you 
Immortal, invincible, the author and the finisher, omega, beginning and the end(repeat)
Solo 2
Come(come), make we go praise papa God
Make you come(come) 
make we go praise Emmanuel (All) for wetin He do for you and me,our mouth no fit tell it at all 
So come, come, come make we go praise 
What are your problems, what are your pains,that will ever stop you not to praise the Lord (praise the Lord), what are you going through, what are your fears,that will ever hold you back,not to praise the Lord (praise) For sorrows (pains), fear(tears) Will last for a while But joy(peace), good health (love) Only come from who is immortal
Immortal, invincible, the author and the finisher, omega, beginning and the end(repeat)
I-yea, I-yea, I-yea, I-yea(16×) 
Bo ekom doh oh oh O Edidem mi, Bo ekom doh oh oh oh oh(repeat) 
Immortal (Immortal), invincible (invincible), the author (the author) and the finisher (and and the finisher) omega (omega), beginning and the end(repeat)
I-yea, I-yea, I-yea, I-yea(16×)

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kehinde amure
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