Tru Mantra‘s “Become New“ incorporates afrobeat with the duo’s unique rap style.

    The crux of the song is the message that walking with God changes man, and the chorus is a celebration of this change.

    Piano riffs, thumping beats and intricately woven vocals all combine to produce another great track that was as pleasing to deliver as it will be when you sit back and listen.

    Enjoy it!


    Baba God oh, Baba God eh (2x)

    Baba God, You don turn my life around, around (3x)

    Baba God, You don turn my life around, around, around

    Verse 1:

    Awon t’won mo mi tele, won mo pe mo ti yi pada

    Tori mo ni baba, moti di atunbi, Oluwa ti tun mi bi

    And I don’t do those things no more, I don’t do those things no more

    The new me, the new me, has come to stay, has come to stay, has come to stay oh

    The old me, has passed away, has passed away oh

    He turns a sinner into a saint

    With God you will never faint

    Baba, Father God oh

    Dey no know me again oh

    Baba Oh

    Christ in me the hope of glory

    Everything I do becomes HIS-STORY

    In Him, I move and have my being

    He took me, he cleansed and made me pure

    He blessed, the next thing, I start to soar

    I’m mounting and soaring like an eagle,

    I’m soaring like an eagle, yeah, yeah, yeah

    Verse 2:

    I used to be one of the fellas

    Fine boy on the outside, inside I was callous

    Smooth talker, heart rough as callus

    I dey quick vex, thin epidermis

    Fair weather friend, you see to Paul I was Dermas

    My life was sordid, living in a circus

    I was a hedonist, you could call me reckless

    No direction, I guess you could call me feckless, never relentless

    Think of the guy who always wants to have the last word

    I’m right, you’re wrong, chairman of the board

    It’s all about me, I deserve every award

    So vengeful, slicing deeper than a sword

    But then one day when I didn’t even know it

    I was in need, I was stunted, couldn’t grow it

    Jesus took over my show, yes he stole it

    Now we’re on the same boat, I let him row it

    When I look back to all the blessings and the lessons,

    Matter of fact, the Lord has truly brought me so far

    I’m riding with him, but God is the chauffeur

    We’re always winning, don’t believe the pollsters

    Blessings way more than dollar bills

    Blessings taller than the highest hills

    Through God, I don’t have wings, but I fly

    I know Grace and Mercy, homie so they follow me


    Baba oh, You turn my life around

    You turn my life around

    You don turn my life around, around Baby God oh

    You turn my life around

    You don turn my life around, You don turn my life around, around Baba oh.


    Lanre Abiose and Tony Okwechime make up the music duo known as Tru Mantra. The group’s unique blend of Afro hip hop delivered amid myriad nuances communicates clearly their Christian worldview and draws richly from the influence of their formative years spent growing up in Lagos, Nigeria.

    The group’s mission statement – Light music in a dark world – is driven by a desire to evoke thought while delivering music that cuts across demographics and genres. Whether delivering rap punchlines, weaving lyrically between the swaying melodies of an Afrobeat bass line or singing the hook on a hip hop track, Tru Mantra will inspire while being fun… the kind that you don’t have to leave your mind and soul behind to indulge in.


    Twitter | Instagram: @TruMantraMusic

    Facebook: Tru Mantra



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