New Music + Video – Travis Greene – Love will always win

In music there’s always a message that the lyrics convey. Travis Greene continues to spread a message of love, encouraging fans to give and be there for one another.
Nevertheless in his new video for “Love Will Always Win,” Travis continues on with that positive message. As the video plays you see several different scenarios play out and Travis sings as he walks around town.Another scene was of a homeless woman sitting on the ground and a little girl looking at her. Moments later the waitress brings out her food and the little girl gives her it.At the end of this video the man from the first scene is embraced with a hug and shown comfort at a very hard time.Lastly, as Travis continues to bring light to certain situations we must always remember to love more and hate less.


kehinde amure

kehinde amure

kehinde amure is a professional blogger, graphic designer, and a business strategists. he has been a source of blessing, to the Gospel industry at Large.

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