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New Music & Video – Ruth Ayodele – Don’t Worry



New Music & Video – Ruth Ayodele – Don’t Worry

Gospel music minister Ruth Ayodele releases the new single titled “Don’t Worry.” The new release is complemented with a vibrant live video.

Ruth Ayodele, through the song “Don’t Worry,” encourages us to remain in faith and unperturbed regardless of the opposing storms we may be facing. She posits that God had provided a cover for us to be healed, provided for and made whole.

“The uncertainties of life can be overwhelming sometimes. This can lead to anxiety, depression, fear of the unknown and worrying over uncontrollable outcomes. In the face of daunting challenges and life’s complicated dramas there’s a love that holds us through these difficult moments. We have an assurance of an audacious love that carries us through all seasons of life.” – Ruth ayodele.

The rhythmic flow of the song is soothing to the heart and brings a refreshing calm and reassurance of a beautiful outcome, no matter what you may be facing.

Ruth Ayodele is a worship leader, recording artist and songwriter. She’s a children’s nurse, and helps with the running of her mother’s charity (children’s orphanage in Nigeria).

Enough said, click on the link below to enjoy this beautiful song, produced, mixed and mastered by Okey Sokay.




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