Nigerian Gospel music superstar Frank Edwards releases new single, the soul-stirring “If Not For You”. The prolific singer had teased the song for a couple of days, sharing snippets on his social media including the artwork before announcing the release. Keeping to his promise, he has released the single which many would say is a classic Frank Edwards tune and resonates just the same way it did when he shared those snippets on Instagram.

The new single If Not For You is accompanied by a live studio-recorded in his studio which features the Mma Mma crooner in tears as his belts out his heart with lyrics like “If not for you where will I be today? If not for you, who would have saved my life?” The song which surprisingly has a run time of just over two minutes is drenched in strings with Frank Edwards’ vocals featuring prominently throughout the song as he goes solo as he does most times. Also, as usual, the song is written, composed and produced by the uber-talented Frank Edwards. With If Not For You, the Spiritual Music Season which he announced before the middle of the year might soon be coming to an end.


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