Jlyricz returns with a new Christian Afropop single “Drown” and the sweet groovy tune is a celebration of a Christian’s relationship with God.
The singer-songwriter and recording artist who has been on a prolific run for over a year dishes out his new single “Drown” a beautiful groovy Afropop tune with a tinge of House music. The singer says “Drown is a celebration of my relationship with God; it is my love song to Him.
The release of Drown will also kick off Jlyricz’s new campaign “I Make Beautiful Music” which would see him reaching out to people who haven’t listened to his music before and encouraging them to engage with his collection of amazing soul-enriching songs and also sharing the Gospel of Christ with them.
Drown is written and composed by Jlyricz while production was handled by long-time collaborator E-Mex.


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