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New Music – Day Child Ft. Splendor – Imela – @daychildspread


From the house of daylight music comes another one IMELA BY DAYCHLD X SPLENDOR sweet song good vibe this song will surely set you on you feet For everything lord IMELA PAPA Click here to download song 


Lord you are the song that I sing           

Lord you are the fire that burns in me       

Yes you are the reason I believe               

All your promises in my life you’ved                               

fulfilled . You never change beginning and the end

no one else can save the world of men .


 Over mountains,Overseas nobody
greater than the one that lives in me
Over mountains Overseas nobody
greater thats is why I sing

Imela….imela (x4) Narekele(x4)

(verse 2)       

Showers of blessings Let it rain let it rain   

on me     Wake up every morning with your 

newness of joy I see        

you are my song’ N’ testimony      

Forever flying on eagles’ winnnnnng  

One thing I know for sure your spirit is                   

 always in full control    

Light to my world I glow no worries                       

 about my tomorrow no One thing

I know for sure your spirit is                         

always in full control Light to my

world I glow Wherever you                       

lead me I will…i will go

(Repeat Bridge)

Over mountains, Overseas nobody
greater than the one that lives in me
Over mountains Overseas nobody
greater this is why I sing

(Repeat Chorus)       

Imela….imela (x4) Narekele(x4)

(Verse 3 by splendor )
See when me wake up every morning 

Unu know say me nor fi no tell nobody

how he fit change me story Me i fi tell em

me containing every element of Grace upon me life 

N it’s from glory to glory
Me fit explain how he bled for me Me can’t explain why he chose me

Me fi to tell what he did for me

 The sin of Grace is what they call me
No one bother me Cos God cover me Step ina the dark 

U see no man fi cover me Grace all-over

me Me shinning the light It be alright for me
So gimme the bear N now me feeling the heat 

Boy me do this better Now

me getting bold Like me on capital letter
Boy just gimme the beat N now u know

they feeling the heat N when me on the mic 

They do this thing with me oh yeah.

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kehinde amure
kehinde amure
kehinde amure is a professional blogger, graphic designer, and a business strategists. he has been a source of blessing, to the Gospel industry at Large.


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