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New Music – Bimbo Ponmile – Ese


Unveiling Divine Grace: Bimbo Ponmile’s Birthday Gift to the World – ‘Ese’ Soulful Worship Medley!”
9th April 2024 -Gospel sensation, Bimbo Ponmile is proud to announce the release of her soulful worship medley, Ese, in celebration of her birthday.
Known for her pragmatic revivalist spirit, this musical offering aims to honour and uplift the excellencies of God in his awesomeness, acknowledging his divine manifestations, magnitude and grandeur.
Rendered in her local dialect, Yoruba, ‘Ese’ invites listeners to connect with something greater than themselves and find comfort in the ageless rhythms of worship and spirituality. The inception tone sets the stage for a nostalgic ambiance as she gracefully riffs into the soft melodies of the keyboard.
Accompanied by backing singers, listeners are pulled into a deep examination of life’s complexities and the eternal presence of God in every aspect of existence. Each issue is thoughtfully and deeply explored, ranging from the ties that bind families to the blessings of wealth, unmerited favours, recognitions, achievements and the constancy of religion.
As the song progresses, a chant-like wording echoing gratitude with “Ese” intensifies the tempo, making the atmosphere a sacred communion of reflection and reverence.
Ese is Ponmile’s first music release of the year and will be available for streaming and download on all major digital platforms.
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