Time reveals divine gifts placed by God in men for the blessing of humanity. During the lockdown, God laid in my heart to delve into the music industry, though that has also been my dream growing up as a teenager. I actually went into a studio for the first time to take a shot(picture) as a result of this. It is indeed a delight to birth my first gospel single track out of the numerous inspirational songs I’d written till date.


To God be the Glory! The day I decided to do the song after much delay was like releasing demons in hell to stop me. A lot happened that midnight while travelling to record the song in the studio(story for another day)…But as I entered the studio, the presence of God came mightily on me and I felt the peace like the sea! Another testimony was the divine connection to a great producer that did the music production finally the most anticipated single ‘Amen’ is out, DOWNLOAD BELOW.




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