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New Music – Victor Udeh-Okenwa – You Do Good Things


Victor Udeh-Okenwa is a contemporary gospel music minister who resides in the Eastern regions of Nigeria. He follows up his debut piece, “Everyday” with classic worship”You do good things”.


I believe there’s a wind blowing in these times and the people, especially the church of God are an integral part of what God is set to do. In light of the coming move of God, we, therefore, need to return in gratitude, thanksgiving and sincere worship to God now more than ever. True thanksgiving is born from reflection. And we need that reflection in these last days to stay focused on our Maker as we await the unity of the church of God as Jesus prayed by the coming of the Spirit as prophesied by the prophets.

The song is an oldie that was worked upon again and released as a classic as instructed.
E- great productions gave the song the music mastery needed to touch the soul of the hearers.

You sacrificed all that you are for me
Thank you Lord for you are more than good
Should I talk about all that you’ve done before
The ones that you’re doing now, the ones that are yet to come
Lord, I won’t forget all you’ve done
I will lift my voice, sing my praises to you
You do good things for me o
A ga m aja gi mma(2x)
You do good things for me o
A ga m aja gi mma(2x)
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! (4x)
Repeat verse
Repeat chorus
Repeat vamp
You paid it all on Calvary’s tree
Just to save a person like me yea
I cannot tell why you love me so
Jesu doh Oghene doh
Repeat Bridge
Jesu doh Oghene doh (4x)
Repeat vamp
Repeat chorus
I will sacrifice my life for you
Because you first sacrificed your life for me
I will sacrifice my life for you, for you.
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