Friday, April 12, 2024

New Music – Peter Flames – So In Love


Love is in the air! It is said that “The heart is a thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with Love. Let us be like every description of love as the subject of the season is Love”, as a matter of fact, I know of no better topic for us to discuss now than “SO IN LOVE” by Peterflames.

He is an interesting artist that has the flavor and potential to make dope records, back-to-back. Peterflames is blessed with special music skills and also a creative song writer. His flow and lyrics are special, also a poetic Gospel Music Minister.


He founded a music club in a school as a Jss 3 student. Over the years he has released couple of songs and has chosen to spice up this love season #ValentinesDay. Please enjoy “SO IN LOVE” by Peterflames.
In his words when asked about the song “there is a thin line between love and pity
Man does not have the capacity to love except that man love God .God’s love is real and It will never leave, no matter the season, weather, conditions his love is sure”
If I know what love is, it is this amazing hit song written for you by Peterflames. Help make this song go viral, please share with friends, this is a sweet love song for every one.

Connect with Peterflames on:
Twitter: @Peterfire777
Instagram: @PeterFlamesO
Facebook: Peterflames

kehinde amure
kehinde amure
kehinde amure is a professional blogger, graphic designer, and a business strategists. he has been a source of blessing, to the Gospel industry at Large.


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