Year 2019 turns out to be a very fruitful year for pemac records sensational afro-pop Gospel/insiprational rapper, singer and songwriter”Georhymes” as he team up with one of his team mate “benpraize” on an inspirational and amazing spirit moving melody with the title” CONDITION”.

We all know songs are meant for specific purposes and i bet you these piece is indeed for a season and time like this.

Creating an avenue for a fight against depression and frustration in the society at large.
delivery excellence
“Change is a constant occurrence”your state today doesnt stop your beautiful future”

Massive production from Enugu finest Producer “runseen nonny.

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Lyrics Below

Pemac records!

Benpraize .na na nah
Georhymes. One for the father

I will reach!! Ooh
I will reach my height ooh
I will reach!!!!
I will!!

Verse 1:
Back in those days when life was hard
Bad for me and my family
It was hard for us to eat.
From morning to night na garri
We don’t have choice to be happy
Just to see mama smiling. Ye eeh
We were striving just to eat, we were praying just to eeh
But mama tell me say! My boy ooh
Take life easy, you go make am ooh,
No condition is permanent(rep)
Just believe!

But the truth be say!
Life na turn by turn ooh
Today fit be your turnooh, tommorrow go fit be my own.
But the truth be say!
Life na turn by turn
Today fit be your own, tommorrow fit be my own.

Take life easy !!
Life na jeje
Take life easy !!
Life na jeje

Verse 2(georhymes)
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
I pray i pray
Lord show me the way
I wanna(want) see mama smile
Am tired to see her cry
I want i want
I want grace ooh lord ooh
I wanna(want) live so high!!

You no get today, no mean say you no go get tomorrow.

So clean up your tears and forget all your sorrow,
Cause life na turn by turn, today fit be your turn, tomorrow go be my own
When you are opporturned to help never you be selfish,

Cause tomorrow na you fit turn out to dey selfish.

You are popular today is not by cv,
Cause even a poor can still show on the tv.
Garri was the diet on a three square,
But i just broke up with failure like say na psquare.

If it turns out to be rough, suicide is not an option,
But pray the lord gives you elevation

Life na turn by turn ooh
Today fit be your turnooh, tommorrow go be my own.

Take life easy !!
Life na jeje


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