Sheun Benny is a gospel minister, worshipper, and versatile instrumentalist wanting to represent Christ in every areas of life..To the glory of God, after various testimonies via sheun benny first single which was released months ago Great physician he has decided to keep the fire of the holy ghost burning. here is another soul lifting single ABLE GOD. Produced by groovie.
see lyrics below
I’ve never seen a God like this,
You broke the covenant of shame to fame.
Over and over again you remain the same,
I will hands to celebrate your love,
Ibu chukwu ne memma,
agada gba chiruzo yo ke obi oma,
My mouth is filled with laughter,
And my legs with dancing.Chorus; Able God
Ime da la muobi.)3x
Aga ma ko ru uwa ni ne,
ihe oma ime re muo…You stood by me in test of time,
You path my way into the marvellous light ,
Over and over again you remain the same,
I will lift my hands to celebrate ur love,
Agama gbagba ra ekwu mara mma,
Agama kuwaraya aka mara MMA,
Alewilese, Aleselewi.
Call & response :Able God, able king, the wise king, able God…….


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