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Official Video – Anthony Kani – The Spirit and the bride


Nigeria Music Minister and Worship Leader Anthony Kani releases his first official music video from his recently released THE SECRET PLACE ALBUM – titled: “The Spirit and the bride”

The lyric video on YouTube currently has 19k views with testimonies from all over the world.

Its been series of testimonies since the release of this sound and we trust the Holy Ghost to bring many into even deeper levels of encounter as we officially release this video to the nation’s of the earth

The song “The Spirit and the bride” was actually birthed from the Scripture in Revelation 22:17 where the risen Christ was giving His final counsel to the church through Apostle John.

The bride talks about a position of intimacy and oneness with Jesus Christ by virtue of the price He paid for us on the cross which you can also call the “bride price”. Anyone who genuinely accepts Christ as Lord and Saviour automatically become part of the bride of Christ(The Ecclesia or Church).

As a bride, there are lots of benefits we have, one of which is eternal access and right to legislate the will of the groom (Christ) here on Earth but there are also obligations & certain things that are no longer permissible for us to do. For example, we are expected to spend time with the groom (Times of prayer, worship & abiding in the word) we no longer live for ourselves knowing that our groom(Christ) gave up everything just to secure this position for us. 2 Corinthians 5:15

The Spirit is the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised us before He left the earth. He is meant to be like our tour guide that comes into our life the day we receive Christ. His job is to help us experience the fullness of all Jesus has secured for us by His victory over the devil. He is the one that is preparing us here on earth to be ready for the marriage supper of the lamb that will happen after the rapture.

But He won’t force himself on us, the onus is on the bride to yield to the Spirit. He is the one that makes the entire Christian experience an exciting one. He is the one within and upon us, causing us to become more like Jesus based on our level of yieldness to Him (Philippians 2:13). Also, remember that He is God as well (God the Father, God the Son & God the Spirit ) you can learn more about the Spirit when you read John 14:26

So the Song is meant to inspire people to not just give their lives to Christ but also develop a deep walk with the Holy Spirit.


kehinde amure
kehinde amure
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